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January 22, 2018 ( )
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Name:   Medicine Balls
Art #:   1321
Qty :   

  • Durable leather and triple stitch design •Strengthen core, arms, abs, and more
  • Diversify your workout routine .
  • Add partner drills for increased results •
  • Available in Small (9 lbs.), Medium (12 lbs.), and Large (15 lbs.) The medicine ball is a classic training device. Often used to strength arms and abs, the medicine ball has a huge range of usefulness. No gym (home or otherwise) is complete without one or two medicine balls around. Strengthen and tone multiple muscle groups in the body while having fun and keeping your body guessing. Triple-stitched for lasting durability. Available in Small (9 lbs.), Medium (12 lbs.), and Large (15 lbs.)

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